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Tater’s brother, Tex had just gotten back from his trip to the big pond and about got run over by little Timmy.
“Hey there little guy! Slooooooow down,” cautioned Tex. 
Timmy ignored him and hopped away to see if the other young toads wanted to play leap frog or hopscotch. He found Talon and Taylor teasing Tiesha down by the riverbed and jumped right into the game.
“Youngins these days,” sighed Mama Toad.
Mama Toad and Papa Toad decided it was time to turn in. They nuzzled Tater. “It’s so good to have ya back, son.”
“Night Mama. Night Papa,” said Tater before falling asleep below the stars, happy as a toad in the pond of his dreams.
THE END                                                               

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